Vital Pest Control Prep Steps For Proper Storage

Okay, so your pest control Tucson technician (if you’ve hired one, if not this is what follows) has taken a look at your house and has found a nest of rodents. They’re rapidly growing as rodents are one to do, and thus requires immediate action. They’ll then hand you a list of things that you need to do in order to get ready for the coming extermination. This list can include many different things, but this list will go over the most vital, the most important, and the ones that will be on that list regardless of circumstance. So, if you have hired or plan to hire a pest control technician in Tucson to handle your rodent problem, here are the most vital pest control prep steps.

Food storage

Your food needs to be stored so that the mice can’t get to it and infect it with the various diseases they’re most likely carrying. Specifically, any candies, bread, cereal, chips, and anything else that isn’t in a can or jar. The best places to store your food is in either your refrigerator or in plastic containers that mice have no chance of chewing through. If mice get into your food, then you will have to say goodbye to that food, so do this as soon as possible.

Hole repair

The mice got into your house through holes in your house, so now you have to track them down and plug them up. Hunt down and patch up any and all holes in the walls, baseboards, or doors. If you live in an apartment, any door or window that doesn’t seal properly should be reported to management. It does not take a mouse that much space to enter, so even holes smaller than a dime should be plugged.


Clean everything, even more so than you usually do. Deep clean as much of the house regularly. This includes normal chores like taking out the trash and doing the dishes. Make sure that by the time the technician gets there to begin the process, the house is as clean as possible from top to bottom. This will make sure that the technician has nothing in his way, make the house nice and spotless so he can find the mice easier (if they don’t smell any trash they can rummage through, they have no reason to leave wherever they live) and it’s just a good excuse to deep clean your house.

If you still have yet to decide on which pest control service to use, it’s strongly recommended you use a reliable and experienced pest control company in Tuscon.

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